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Xiezhen @ Guangzhou International Lighting Fair
Source: | Author:xzpower | Publish time: 2015-06-19 | 860 Views | Share:

At Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, June 9-12 Guangzhou, China, Xiezhen shows its latest LED driver. As the world's biggest lighting & LED Asia exhibition, many customers all over the world visit our booth and we gain positive feedback from them.

In hall 13.2, booth C16, we show products as follows:

  • Our complete range of dimmable and non-dimmable LED Lighting solutions for Northe American, European;
  • The Low Ripple LED drivers used for Metro/hospital/school/ government office etc
  • The LED driver whose Current Adjustable by external resistors
  • Smart Lighting with NXP Zigbee sulution
Xiezhen marketing team will be your best back up in the lighting market. Welcome to contact us by mail:

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